Welcome descendants of William Thomas Fluker, Jr.

We have much work to do. There are no longer any remaining grandchildren of W.T. Fluker, Jr. and Emily Reid Murden and most of the great grandchildren are now over 60 years old. These 4th generation descendents are the ones who actually met any of the children of William and Emily.

It has been said that history becomes legend and legend becomes myth. To some degree, this is inevitable with family history, especially in these fast-paced times. It is imperative for those of us who have knowledge to pass on that knowledge in the hopes of preservation for future generations.

Our goal is to provide a free, yet secure environment where all descendants can learn more about our Fluker family history. We intend to present this in a manner that not only provides historical information, but ultimately protects the genealogical details of our living members.

Our mission is:

  • To increase awareness of the William Thomas Fluker, Jr. family history
  • To ensure continued preservation of our family history by sharing what is already known
  • To provide a centralized location and repository for family photos, documents and stories
  • To provide a source for younger generations to become acquainted with their Fluker ancestors and cousins
  • To identify current and future family leaders to facilitate and maintain this project
Although individual membership on our website is free, we can always use funds to continue this work and to plan future reunions. We thank our previous donors for their support. Please click on the sidebar for details if you are inclined to help.

Our website will be a work in progress. We would encourage you to peruse the family tree, post a memorial to a loved one or upload a photo or two. We also welcome your comments and suggestions!

Miki Anne Eliza Fluker
Daughter of Edward Hawthorne Fluker, Jr.
Collage created by Edward H. Fluker, Jr. & Louisa Fluker Hickman
Collage created by Edward H. Fluker, Jr. & Louisa Fluker Hickman
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